If you haven’t heard, set your browser to point to the “Hey Scripting Guy” blog from December 19th to December 25th for “A Powershell Carol”

A little twist on Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” that is  a week long series about a grumpy miserable Administrator called Ebenezer Script.   We all know somebody like him.  Sometimes inside of ourselves on our worst days.   Snapping and lost in his ways.

With a daily downloadable version of the posting with lots of horrible acting but and “Energized” but definitely uncredited voice actor and Complete with a Theme Song that can be downloaded now (Parody folks, PARODY, source music can be purchased from www.karaoke-version.com Winking smile )

Hoping to make your Holidays a little brighter.  You might even learn just a little about Powershell.  Even if you don’t care about Powershell or Scripting, read it and enjoy.   There’s enough content any computer person should be able to share in it.

Cheers and set YOUR browser to HTTP://BLOGS.TECHNET.COM/HEYSCRIPTINGGUY from December 19th all the way until December 25th.  That’s right!  One Episode each day until Christmas Day, with the Final Episode released to you as a present ON Christmas Day.

A little from Myself and “Hey Scripting Guy” to you Smile

Happy Holidays
The Energized Tech