A Powershell Carol–The Complete Series


To save you all some searching.  Here are the links to all SEVEN parts of “A Powershell Carol” on “Hey Scripting Guy”

Just cuz Smile

Weekend Scripter- Holiday PowerShell Carol, Part One
A PowerShell Carol in which Ebenezer Script Learns WMI
A Windows PowerShell Carol- Ebenezer Script Integrates with VBScript
A Windows PowerShell Carol- Ebenezer Script Manages AD Users
A Windows PowerShell Carol- Ebenezer Script Creates Text Files
A Windows PowerShell Carol- Ebenezer Script Sees the Future
Weekend Scripter- A Windows PowerShell Carol- Ebenezer Script Learns to Send Email

And if you have no time to read the Complete Podcasted version is available on my new Podcast site

I highly recommend reading the ones on “Hey Scripting Guy” first as they actually do show you some basics on Powershell and more importantly help you to quickly understand how it does work easily with vbScript.  If you’re an Administrator floating between both worlds; knowing how to leverage these two technologies seamlessly is an unbelievable power.

Surprisingly also very easy

Happy Holidays from The Energized Tech

A Powershell Carol–Part 7–the Finale


At long last, we shall finally see what happened to Ebenezer Script on “Hey Scripting Guy”.   For the final installation of the series is online now.

Did he learn from his mistakes or is he doomed forever to his miserable ways and the past?

Only you can tell by going online now and reading A Powershell Carol – Part 7 on Hey Scripting Guy

Now a double bonus for those of you who would like to hear the Podcast version

Two links… YES TWO! The Holidays are here and you can now hear

Episode 6


Episode 7

or if you’d like to download the entire series just go to http://powershell.podbean.com

If you didn’t see it before, That little video of the “Mr. Script” song

And now a personal message.   A thank you to the ENTIRE Windows Powershell Community (and Especially Ed Wilson of “Hey Scripting Guy”) without whom none of this would have ever happened.   An extra special thanks to my wife and family for putting up with the singing, the howling, early 5 am recordings and the owners of the oranges and Volkswagen some kids knocked over.

Happy Holidays from The Energized Tech, Bob Snipit, Jacob Clippy, Tiny Shim, The three Spirits and of course…. Good old Ebenezer Script!

May the Spirit of Scripting stay in YOU

A Powershell Carol–Part 6


Tension in the Air!  The Future is roaming about!  And the final of two episodes is online right now at “Hey Scripting Guy”

The Spirit of Scripting Future is in the house, and his one BadAss ….  He’s a tough guy.

All I have for Ebenezer Script is one phrase he should fear…

….Would you Like Fries with that?….

By the way the Podcast version of Yesterdays episode (Part 5 for those of you counting) is online now

Happy Holidays and Keep the Spirit of Scripting in YOU

The Energized Tech