Maybe you knew, maybe you didn’t.

I didn’t.

Had to play with Windows Remote Assistance in Windows 7 today.  A vendor application wouldn’t work (Version change) and we needed to use something.

You would THINK I would have used Remote Assistance at least once.   You would THINK that.  But honest fact, never had to.  Never needed to.

The other challenge was the computer doing the remote support was running Windows XP while the computer I was on was Windows 7.

But as it happens in the field, we needed a solution and I figured “Give it shot”

Son of a gun.  It worked.

No issues.  First time, exactly as needed, no finicky stuff to make it work (in house connection)

But a Windows XP computer was supporting a Windows 7 workstation… NATIVELY!

So if have a help Desk and need to support the other in office systems?  Seriously look into just using the native solution sitting there ready to go.

Free.  Works too!

The Energized Tech