This morning I lost my transfer on the bus and couldn’t find my bus ticket.   I had to pay double bus fare.   So I should complain and moan correct?

No.  I won’t.  But because of the efforts of Veterans I have the freedom to choose.

The world is not perfect, nor will I suspect it would ever be; but I can choose to help make it better.   Even it making it better means I try not to be a Grouch. 

It’s on this particular day we should pause and reflect, for so many reasons.  Remember why we are here.   More importantly, sometimes, reflect on the fact that I CAN grumble about messing up on my bus fare, or than I CAN take a train to work and FREELY grouch and whine sometimes.

It is because of the efforts Veterans of ALL countries we are here today.

Efforts were made a long time ago (and some mistakes) to try and help correct us in some way.   We stand here today with the ability to at least TRY to work out our grievances with each other.

Many times we fail, but sometimes we succeed.   We are at least trying because of the efforts put forth years ago.   We are free to fail or succeed.   But we are FREE to CHOOSE.

It is that CHOICE you have, you should remember today.  On some small note.

Today, thank a vet and remember the small things you have to be thankful for. 

The freedom to whine about getting the wrong parking spot,  the freedom to get out and run.   The freedom to complain to people openly.  The freedom to be wrong and learn.

Because things got out of hand a long time ago.

Let’s learn from their successes, but also remember the mistakes.  So that we don’t repeat them.

If we at least remember that, then their sacrifices will not have been in vain.

Most importantly on this day, one thought to remember.   We all care for our children worldwide.   If we could seize on that one common trait, perhaps we can find a better tomorrow for all of us.

“I Remember and I’m thankful”