The Spirit of Scripting will hit you soon

I’ve had an incredibly busy couple of months here.  Things got REALLY crazy at work, (more than normal) and had me pulling out what little hair I had.

But that’s sorting out and getting better.

But on the “Really Amazing Side of Things” I got to help out at Techdays up here in Canada in two cities plus as an added bonus I’ve been busy writing up a series of posts for the Holidays for “Hey Scripting Guy”

I even got to help out on a little bit of research for Microsoft Canada and was interviewed on the Powerscripting Podcast.Smile

The series of Holiday posts I have taken a special interest in.  I don’t think (as far as I can tell) anything like this has ever been posted to Microsoft.

It is something that will combine my efforts as a “Friday Funny Guy” tendered with my Passion for scripting / Powershell and automation, bound with just a little bit of instruction and a wee hint of the Holiday spirit.

I won’t give away the title.  But as soon as I hear any dates on the posting, I’ll let you all know.

I’ll give you one hint.  “Bah! Codebug!”

The Energized Tech

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