So the word is now out and official, although I am still going to hold back on finer details.  Just to tease.

Set to browsers to download and read what I THINK is the first ever seven day Holiday Special Microsoft has EVER done.   I mean we’re talking SEVEN NONE STOP POSTS in a ROW ending on December 25th!

It’s a special series ONLY on “Hey Scripting Guy” that you’ll want to read.  The series is NOT just for Scripters!  It’s for EVERYBODY!  It’s a little something to put you in the Spirit of whatever holiday you’re celebrating. 

The nice part is even if you’re a Manager, a Developer or an ItProfessional you can still enjoy this series.

It’s a little bit of fun, a little knowledge, a little humor, a bit of tragedy.

It’s got something for everyone.

SO! LOCK YOUR BROWSERS on December the 19th all the way to December 25th on the “Hey Scripting Guy” blog for something a little unique for Microsoft and something a lot fun for the Community.

The Spirit of Scripting is watching you – Make sure YOU watch for that series.

Exclusive to “Hey Scripting Guy” Open-mouthed smile