Major innovations have occurred this year.   Changes in technology none of us could have foreseen ages ago.

It’s not that they work but that they are COST EFFECTIVE to the consumer and small businesses.  All of these are options, devices available under $400

What am I talking about? Let’s think.  We now have a $300 interface to control the devices with our mind from


We now have Kinect which was marketed as a game Addon, but since it’s a USB device people are already hacking the possibilities it could yield  like so


Multitouch devices from Watches to PC’s are more common than EVER and again, cost effective.   Kids can save up money to get these and a new generation will create an inteface, a way of working with things; Well beyond what we could imagine.

Why you can turn your standard Home PC into a multiTouch system for about $400.  Just add the monitor and fire up Windows 7 !

Dell has them now !


ACER TOO!  A 22” display to extend your Windows 7 computer ADD make it a Multitouch system !


So what are we looking at?

Will it be “Star Trek” and the Holodecks?

The Matrix or Johnny Mneumonic “hacking the Net” ?

Who can tell ?   But the future is out before us now.  Possibilities we could not imagine as children (nor our parents) are today.

Let’s seize upon these possibilities and create a better tomorrow.   It’s possible in technology.

…. It’s sure as anything possible for Humanity.

Welcome to the future

The Energized Tech