You may be wondering about the new add-on for the Xbox360, Kinect. Is it THAT different than anything else?   Is the hype accurate?


Let’s think about a few differences

  • No controller in your hand to run the games
  • Voice recognition
  • Visual recognition
  • and It’s an ADD-ON that works with EVERY Xbox360 that has at LEAST a 4 gigabyte hard drive.  

Yes Virginia, you heard that correct.  You don’t have to replace your Xbox360 JUST to get Kinect!

Pause for a moment.   Think about it.  It’s an ADD-ON.   Microsoft didn’t release a new system making you toss out what you have in favor of something new.  They ENHANCED the ability of what you have.

It’s been a long time since somebody did that.  ENHANCED the system instead of replacing it.

But if you don’t have an xBox360, Microsoft sells bundles with Kinect supplied with the newer units.

But again… does it make a difference?  To quote my teenage daughter “Oh this is SO MUCH better than WII”

Why would ONE ADD-ON make that much of a difference? 

Freedom.   Freedom of movement, freedom from batteries, freedom to be YOU in the game.

Once you start playing a game and can interact with it on your own terms, in no longer feels like you’re TRYING to play.   The interactivity is far more fluid.

You jump, the character jumps.  You duck, the character ducks.   Snapshots of you in all your crazy positions get taken during game play.  Even if you fall down Smile

And do you EVER get a workout!  It’s fun, it’s exhilarating, it’s an experience like no other!

The games already offered for Kinect change the landscape as well.  Dance Central has you doing what it makes sense to do.  Rather than stomping on stupid flashing lights, you are DANCING matching real dance moves.   Kinect Sports has you actually kicking balls, Running (and no you can’t cheat, it actually involves LIFTING your legs!) and jumping.

The world is now changing.  So has gameplay.

If you’re thinking of one for the Holidays, hop on and grab one now.  I’ve seen them in every key department store and EVEN Staples!

Stores are already selling out of this!  People who no longer want to see smashed Television, controllers, chandeliers are looking at Kinect.


The Future is here.  Get Kinected.