Leslie Nielsen – 1926 to 2010 – Living forever in Comedy and Life

In the late ‘70’s as a kid I got to see this wonderfully strange movie called “Airplane”.  There were many actors in it, but none stuck out more than this one Goofy Canadian called “Leslie Nielsen”

Through the years I would always watch for him.  From entertaining flicks such as the “Naked Gun” series, “Dracula:Dead and Loving It”; he always brought life to my days.   Bringing a spark I would always look forward to.

Could I name every movie he has ever done?  I don’t think that would be possible because glancing here at his entry in IMDB Mr. Nielsen has always been a very busy Canadian.

Although I don’t know the man, I am glad to have known the characters he brought the life, and the life he brought to people in doing so.

“Surely, I can’t be kidding” said a good friend to me when he heard the news.

I’m sorry, I am… and PLEASE don’t call me Shirley.

Thanks Mr. Nielsen