Powershell–A fresh glance–Part 1–The Alias


I’m going to try and look at Powershell from the eyes of a Brand new Administrator.  I’m going to try and remember when I had NO CLUE what this thing was.  Maybe this will help out others new to this technology and clear out some misconceptions.

So first we introduce you to Powershell,The Big Blue Box. Like our friend here.


Say Hello folks, “Hello Powershell!”


Hmmm, apparently OUR Powershell console is being silly.

But iit looks so deceptively simple, like a command prompt.  In fact that’s where many of us stop.  We type in DIR and get something like this.


And so, we logically deduce; It appears to be just that.   Just command prompt with a new coat of paint.  But it isn’t.  It is SO much more than that and can be as simple or as complex as you need. 

Powershell is a Management Shell with Scripting abilities or a Scripting Environment that some people use to manage systems.  It can be whatever YOU need it to be.  THAT is the Power of it.  The sheer flexibility.

Or it can be as comfortable as your old Command Prompt window.

So what happened when I keyed in DIR?  Isn’t that a DOS Command?

What you actually just ran was an “ALIAS” which is sort of like a Shortcut.  An Alias allows you to take something and put it into simpler terrms, or sometimes more familiar terms.

If we were to type in this command in Powershell.


It would show us the actual command we are typing is



As evidenced by the line “Definition”

You could just as easily create an Alias for GET-CHILDITEM and call it “AWholePileOfSillyJibberish” like so.


And when you keyed it in


But an alias is supposed to make things easier so we could have just keyed in something a little less complex (like DIR) or even the letter “D”.   The other thing to remember about an alias is you can have as MANY as you want.   In Powershell if I wish to have it show me every alias I created for “GET-CHILDITEM” I can type in.


It would list all of the Aliases you had for that command.   There is a lot more going on in Powershell other than Aliases but that’s for another time.  For now let’s key in EXIT to exit our session.  

Til Next Time, remember
The Power of Shell is in YOU

The Energized Tech

Official Dates! Holiday Special on “Hey Scripting Guy!”

So the word is now out and official, although I am still going to hold back on finer details.  Just to tease.

Set to browsers to download and read what I THINK is the first ever seven day Holiday Special Microsoft has EVER done.   I mean we’re talking SEVEN NONE STOP POSTS in a ROW ending on December 25th!

It’s a special series ONLY on “Hey Scripting Guy” that you’ll want to read.  The series is NOT just for Scripters!  It’s for EVERYBODY!  It’s a little something to put you in the Spirit of whatever holiday you’re celebrating. 

The nice part is even if you’re a Manager, a Developer or an ItProfessional you can still enjoy this series.

It’s a little bit of fun, a little knowledge, a little humor, a bit of tragedy.

It’s got something for everyone.

SO! LOCK YOUR BROWSERS on December the 19th all the way to December 25th on the “Hey Scripting Guy” blog for something a little unique for Microsoft and something a lot fun for the Community.

The Spirit of Scripting is watching you – Make sure YOU watch for that series.

Exclusive to “Hey Scripting Guy” Open-mouthed smile

Goodbye Leslie Nielsen–Thanks for making our days brighter


Leslie Nielsen – 1926 to 2010 – Living forever in Comedy and Life

In the late ‘70’s as a kid I got to see this wonderfully strange movie called “Airplane”.  There were many actors in it, but none stuck out more than this one Goofy Canadian called “Leslie Nielsen”

Through the years I would always watch for him.  From entertaining flicks such as the “Naked Gun” series, “Dracula:Dead and Loving It”; he always brought life to my days.   Bringing a spark I would always look forward to.

Could I name every movie he has ever done?  I don’t think that would be possible because glancing here at his entry in IMDB Mr. Nielsen has always been a very busy Canadian.

Although I don’t know the man, I am glad to have known the characters he brought the life, and the life he brought to people in doing so.

“Surely, I can’t be kidding” said a good friend to me when he heard the news.

I’m sorry, I am… and PLEASE don’t call me Shirley.

Thanks Mr. Nielsen