Oh baby, I saw something at Techdays in Edmonton that is about to change the landscape of both GAMING *and* the User Interface potential for computers.

It’s called “Kinect” the new addon that’s soon to be available for the Xbox360

Forget EVERYTHING any critic has said about Kinect.   It’s all bogus rubbish.

Fully interactive games with NO CONTROLLERS held in your hands or attached to your body.   The sample games we tested at Techdays were so interactive they could wear ANYBODY out!   They were fun!  They were nothing like I’d ever seen before!


Again, no controllers.   You didn’t have to train the system on how to interact with it.  It just worked!

I saw people both young and old just step in front and immediately pick up and just use it.   Everybody’s reaction was the same!

*Huff Huff huff! WOW!*

Are you in the Toronto, Ontario area?  Down on Yonge Street RIGHT NOW across from the Eaton Centre, Microsoft has setup shot for people to come on down and check out Kinect.

Head right down to 207 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario until December 1st and see the future.

Map picture


The Future is here – No controllers embedded in YOUR Tv set, no lost batteries.

Get KINECTed !

The Energized Tech