I’m looking at my Schedule.  Has the time flown by so fast?  Techdays-Ca in Toronto (YYZ) is only TWO DAYS AWAY!

Two days!

I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t think cuz I’m so excited!

In only two days probably the singular largest computer Conference in Canada is about to hit Toronto, the third stop in an Eight City Tour.

Two days of Technology, People and Training.   Access to the newest goodies from Microsoft like Windows Phone 7, Azure, Kinect.

Two days to meet up with like minded people, crack open some ideas, breed something!

Two days for you.

I’ll be there doing two presentations.

DPL231 – Automating your Office 2010 Install (The Title says it all)


DPL301 – Application Compatibility Tools for Free (Free Tools you can use TODAY to identify and mitigate Compatibility issues you may encouter when performing a migration)

Are you ready?   I sure am!  I can’t wait! 

Just look about I’ll be there.  Excited and Energized, at Techdays

See you there!

The Energized Tech