What an invigorating two days!  First time ever in the city of Edmonton but more importantly it was a chance to speak again!

First day was a quick Turbo Talk on creating Troubleshooting Packs for Windows 7, Fun?

Understatement.  A friend of mine keeps saying a phrase “Release the Kraken” which is an incredibly accurate analogy of myself releasing my passion vocally.   Today the Kraken was released, in a very good way.  

People were lighting up and INTERESTED in Powershell once they understood how they could easily leverage it through Troubleshooting Packs to eliminate the “Silly problems”

Then the next day I got to open up a 9AM session.   Remember Robin Williams when he said “Good Morning Vietnam” ?

Yes.  The “Kraken” was released at Techdays 2010 in Edmonton.   Wake up the crowd, get them Energized and get the message flowing. 

Show them why I PERSONALLY as well as PROFESSIONALLY was excited by Server 2008R2.   The enhanced remoting using WS-Man (Web Services Management) including Safe management of the environment using RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools).  The ability to leverage Powershell for remoting and automation to manage our environments more efficiently.

I think I lit up some eyes, and probably (rumor has it) shook a few walls apart with my voice.

The Energized Tech released the Kraken of knowledge.  Hopefully more than a few eyes were lit up, and their days changed.

Oh my, I just realized it’s only 20 days until Techdays 2010 in Toronto!

Time to get going, and get rehearsed!  Two more sessions for me and more people to bring alive with Technology!

Techdays is here.  Sing with me.  Wrap yourself inside Technology.

Sean – The Energized Tech