I played today.  I had 3 minutes to play.  So I played with Primal forms.  Because it is FUN to play in Powershell…

I never knew just Why people went “GAGA” for Primal Forms and I now Understand the “WHY”

Primal Forms is big funky lookin’ GUI monster to draw “Forms” (something Developers and Microsoft Access users are familiar with)

Think of a form in it’s most simplistic sense as a sheet of paper full of programs.   You click on button, a program launches, the mouse moves; a program launches; You look at Aunt Mildred a program launches.  

Those are capabilities of a form.

In it’s MOST MOST MOST MOST basic sense, A form can gather information.  So you LITERALLY draw up a form.  drop things on it.  Edit pieces.

La la la la …… Done!

So it looks cool and just … well… to the ITPro at least … just what do I DO with this?

In Primal Forms Community Edition (Free to download and use) there is an “Export to Powershell” option.

This generates PURE Powershell code requiring absolutely no Add-ins. 

All Primal Forms does is take features that are NATIVE to Windows and builds a Powershell script that launches it.

Cool.  Pretty Picture on the screen. 

Why do I care?

Because like Everything in Powershell.  You can run a “GET-MEMBER” against the forms for Methods and Properties.   Jeffrey Hicks wrote some beautiful samples for Primal Forms. 

Do you know how I figured out Primal Forms?  I loaded a “Sample PS1” from the Samples folder and loaded the Sample Primal Script Format File and RE-Exported it to Powershell.

Then using Powershell ISE (and CTRL-TAB) I flipped back and forth to see the DARN DIFFERENCE!

Son of gun! It’s easy!

Son of gun! It’s Free!

Son of gun, Like Powershell, Download it now it’ll take no time!

Primal Forms is cool because as an Administrator you can build a script to do something simple (like RESET a password for a domain) and then merge it into Primal Forms to allow others to use it EASILY.

No matter, I’d like to personally tip my hat to Sapien Technologies, Jeffrey Hicks and all those that came before me.

You made Powershell and Forms EASY for the rest of us.

If you’re curious?  Check out www.primaltools.com for MORE Power from Sapien !  Unleash the Power from within YOU, whether it’s Powershell, vbScript or just your imagination!

the Energized Tech