At the Techdays-ca in Halifax, Nova Scotia YOU can make a difference.

Donations for Feed Nova Scotia are being taken at the conference.   You can make a difference in some small way in a great way.

Why bother?

Why not?

Because at one point in YOUR life you may be there.  Or a friend will be there.  Or a relative.

Someone will need.

The most basic need of all, a meal

A meal, food can change the difference from despair to belief.  A meal can change someone from faint to life.

… the power is in you.  You can change the day for somebody. 

I know what it’s like to have little to spend, and I also know we can all contribute.  Our time, a smile.

A meal.

The Power is in us all.

So you, when you’re at Techdays-ca in Halifax and have a dollar or ANYTHING.

Contribute to Feed Nova Scotia, with that change YOU will have seized the day and made a change

In doing so, you will have changed a person.

and probably made yourself feel a little better, is that so selfish?

Seize the day and make a change.

Give to Feed Nova Scotia, just because you might even be doing a little better than before, and somebody else isn’t.

…And because at one point, you might know what it feels to need.