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Change the Day–YOU can make the difference #TECHDAYS-CA at Halifax

At the Techdays-ca in Halifax, Nova Scotia YOU can make a difference.

Donations for Feed Nova Scotia are being taken at the conference.   You can make a difference in some small way in a great way.

Why bother?

Why not?

Because at one point in YOUR life you may be there.  Or a friend will be there.  Or a relative.

Someone will need.

The most basic need of all, a meal

A meal, food can change the difference from despair to belief.  A meal can change someone from faint to life.

… the power is in you.  You can change the day for somebody. 

I know what it’s like to have little to spend, and I also know we can all contribute.  Our time, a smile.

A meal.

The Power is in us all.

So you, when you’re at Techdays-ca in Halifax and have a dollar or ANYTHING.

Contribute to Feed Nova Scotia, with that change YOU will have seized the day and made a change

In doing so, you will have changed a person.

and probably made yourself feel a little better, is that so selfish?

Seize the day and make a change.

Give to Feed Nova Scotia, just because you might even be doing a little better than before, and somebody else isn’t.

…And because at one point, you might know what it feels to need.


Powershell–A form created for #techdays-ca with Primal Script


Guess what I did? I wrote CODE! An ITPro crossed into a new land.  Code.

Primal forms Community Edition (*FREE*) from Sapien creates a Powershell Script that creates the Code to produce a form on the screen.

Once you play with the forms and read the basic document on Primal Forms?  You can create a GUI Form launched from Powershell.

So I played with my little script to countdown Techdays.   Once I learned the basics, it wasn’t actually THAT HARD to put that script code INTO the form.

So I present to you humbly my little Script called TechdaysForm.PS1

To get the cool graphic, save the “TechdaysLittleMan” graphic at the bottom of the screen into a folder called C:\Techdays calling it Techdays.Jpg

The Form relies on this.  It’s my first attempt into code, and something to learn from.

Yes you too, the ITPro can safely play with code and make YOUR scripts user friendly, or at the very least “CoOp student Friendly” Open-mouthed smile

The Power of Shell is in YOU!

Sean – The Energized Tech


#Generated Form Function
function GenerateForm {


$Locations+=("Edmonton","10/6/2010"),("Toronto","10/27/2010"),("Halifax","11/02/2010"), ("Ottawa","11/09/2010"),("Montreal","11/23/2010"),("Winnipeg","12/07/2010"), ("Calgary","12/14/2010")

# Code Generated By: SAPIEN Technologies PrimalForms (Community Edition) v1.0.8.0
# Generated On: 10/26/2010 11:37 PM
# Generated By: sean.kearney

#region Import the Assemblies
[reflection.assembly]::loadwithpartialname("System.Windows.Forms") | Out-Null
[reflection.assembly]::loadwithpartialname("System.Drawing") | Out-Null

#region Generated Form Objects
$Techdays = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.Form
$richTextBox1 = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.RichTextBox
$ComboBoxTitle = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.Label
$pictureBox1 = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.PictureBox
$comboBox1 = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.ComboBox
$saveFileDialog1 = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.SaveFileDialog
$InitialFormWindowState = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.FormWindowState
#endregion Generated Form Objects

#Generated Event Script Blocks
#Provide Custom Code for events specified in PrimalForms.
#TODO: Place custom script here
if ($combobox1.SelectedItem) {

$CountdownDate=$Locations | where { $- -like $ComboBox1.SelectedItem }

$RichTextBox1.Text="It is $RemainingDays Days until Techdays at $City"



#TODO: Place custom script here


#TODO: Place custom script here


{#Correct the initial state of the form to prevent the .Net maximized form issue
    $Techdays.WindowState = $InitialFormWindowState

#region Generated Form Code
$Techdays.BackColor = [System.Drawing.Color]::FromArgb(255,215,228,242)
$Techdays.Text = "Techdays Countdown"
$Techdays.AccessibleDescription = "Techdays Countdown"
$Techdays.Name = "Techdays"
$Techdays.AccessibleName = "Techdays Countdown"
$Techdays.DataBindings.DefaultDataSourceUpdateMode = 0
$System-Drawing-Size = New-Object System.Drawing.Size
$System-Drawing-Size.Width = 416
$System-Drawing-Size.Height = 175
$Techdays.ClientSize = $System-Drawing-Size

$richTextBox1.Name = "richTextBox1"
$richTextBox1.Text = ""
$richTextBox1.DataBindings.DefaultDataSourceUpdateMode = 0
$System-Drawing-Point = New-Object System.Drawing.Point
$System-Drawing-Point.X = 159
$System-Drawing-Point.Y = 66
$richTextBox1.Location = $System-Drawing-Point
$System-Drawing-Size = New-Object System.Drawing.Size
$System-Drawing-Size.Width = 243
$System-Drawing-Size.Height = 96
$richTextBox1.Size = $System-Drawing-Size
$richTextBox1.TabIndex = 4
$richTextBox1.Font= New-Object System.Drawing.Font("Arial",16,2,3,1)


$ComboBoxTitle.TabIndex = 3
$ComboBoxTitle.TextAlign = 32
$System-Drawing-Size = New-Object System.Drawing.Size
$System-Drawing-Size.Width = 390
$System-Drawing-Size.Height = 23
$ComboBoxTitle.Size = $System-Drawing-Size
$ComboBoxTitle.Text = "How Many Days until Techdays? Select YOUR City from the Pulldown box"
$ComboBoxTitle.Font = New-Object System.Drawing.Font("Arial",8,2,3,1)

$System-Drawing-Point = New-Object System.Drawing.Point
$System-Drawing-Point.X = 12
$System-Drawing-Point.Y = 9
$ComboBoxTitle.Location = $System-Drawing-Point
$ComboBoxTitle.DataBindings.DefaultDataSourceUpdateMode = 0
$ComboBoxTitle.Name = "ComboBoxTitle"


$pictureBox1.TabIndex = 1
$pictureBox1.SizeMode = 4
$System-Drawing-Size = New-Object System.Drawing.Size
$System-Drawing-Size.Width = 140
$System-Drawing-Size.Height = 125
$pictureBox1.Size = $System-Drawing-Size
$pictureBox1.ImageLocation = "C:\Techdays\Techdays.jpg"

$System-Drawing-Point = New-Object System.Drawing.Point
$System-Drawing-Point.X = 12
$System-Drawing-Point.Y = 38
$pictureBox1.Location = $System-Drawing-Point

$pictureBox1.TabStop = $False
$pictureBox1.Name = "pictureBox1"
$pictureBox1.DataBindings.DefaultDataSourceUpdateMode = 0


$comboBox1.FormattingEnabled = $True
$System-Drawing-Size = New-Object System.Drawing.Size
$System-Drawing-Size.Width = 244

$System-Drawing-Size.Height = 21
$comboBox1.Size = $System-Drawing-Size
$comboBox1.DataBindings.DefaultDataSourceUpdateMode = 0
$comboBox1.Name = "comboBox1"
$System-Drawing-Point = New-Object System.Drawing.Point
$System-Drawing-Point.X = 158
$System-Drawing-Point.Y = 38
$comboBox1.Location = $System-Drawing-Point
$comboBox1.Sorted = $True
$comboBox1.TabIndex = 0


$saveFileDialog1.ShowHelp = $True
$saveFileDialog1.CreatePrompt = $True

#endregion Generated Form Code

#Save the initial state of the form
$InitialFormWindowState = $Techdays.WindowState
#Init the OnLoad event to correct the initial state of the form
#Show the Form
$Techdays.ShowDialog()| Out-Null

} #End Function

#Call the Function



Powershell – the Secret behind “Primal Forms”


I played today.  I had 3 minutes to play.  So I played with Primal forms.  Because it is FUN to play in Powershell…

I never knew just Why people went “GAGA” for Primal Forms and I now Understand the “WHY”

Primal Forms is big funky lookin’ GUI monster to draw “Forms” (something Developers and Microsoft Access users are familiar with)

Think of a form in it’s most simplistic sense as a sheet of paper full of programs.   You click on button, a program launches, the mouse moves; a program launches; You look at Aunt Mildred a program launches.  

Those are capabilities of a form.

In it’s MOST MOST MOST MOST basic sense, A form can gather information.  So you LITERALLY draw up a form.  drop things on it.  Edit pieces.

La la la la …… Done!

So it looks cool and just … well… to the ITPro at least … just what do I DO with this?

In Primal Forms Community Edition (Free to download and use) there is an “Export to Powershell” option.

This generates PURE Powershell code requiring absolutely no Add-ins. 

All Primal Forms does is take features that are NATIVE to Windows and builds a Powershell script that launches it.

Cool.  Pretty Picture on the screen. 

Why do I care?

Because like Everything in Powershell.  You can run a “GET-MEMBER” against the forms for Methods and Properties.   Jeffrey Hicks wrote some beautiful samples for Primal Forms. 

Do you know how I figured out Primal Forms?  I loaded a “Sample PS1” from the Samples folder and loaded the Sample Primal Script Format File and RE-Exported it to Powershell.

Then using Powershell ISE (and CTRL-TAB) I flipped back and forth to see the DARN DIFFERENCE!

Son of gun! It’s easy!

Son of gun! It’s Free!

Son of gun, Like Powershell, Download it now it’ll take no time!

Primal Forms is cool because as an Administrator you can build a script to do something simple (like RESET a password for a domain) and then merge it into Primal Forms to allow others to use it EASILY.

No matter, I’d like to personally tip my hat to Sapien Technologies, Jeffrey Hicks and all those that came before me.

You made Powershell and Forms EASY for the rest of us.

If you’re curious?  Check out for MORE Power from Sapien !  Unleash the Power from within YOU, whether it’s Powershell, vbScript or just your imagination!

the Energized Tech


Techdays-CA on the Brain !


I’m looking at my Schedule.  Has the time flown by so fast?  Techdays-Ca in Toronto (YYZ) is only TWO DAYS AWAY!

Two days!

I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t think cuz I’m so excited!

In only two days probably the singular largest computer Conference in Canada is about to hit Toronto, the third stop in an Eight City Tour.

Two days of Technology, People and Training.   Access to the newest goodies from Microsoft like Windows Phone 7, Azure, Kinect.

Two days to meet up with like minded people, crack open some ideas, breed something!

Two days for you.

I’ll be there doing two presentations.

DPL231 – Automating your Office 2010 Install (The Title says it all)


DPL301 – Application Compatibility Tools for Free (Free Tools you can use TODAY to identify and mitigate Compatibility issues you may encouter when performing a migration)

Are you ready?   I sure am!  I can’t wait! 

Just look about I’ll be there.  Excited and Energized, at Techdays

See you there!

The Energized Tech


“The Writer”

Silence echoed deeply throughout.  Languishing within the walls like an unwelcome guest.

The Writer stared down.   Urging thoughts to roll forth.

“Just one more, I just need one more.”

But The Thoughts would not release the words to The Writer.  They fought him battling with sparked Sabers in the night.

“You will not have us.   We will dodge you. We are free from you.”

The Thoughts hid themselves in the back of The Writer’s mind, like mischievous little children in an everlasting game of Man Hunt.   Forever dodging between the Synapses and lobes.   Occasionally playing Ring around the ID.   They enjoyed this game.  Teasing their foe with their potential.   Lashing out with teasing phrases that might suggest new ideas, but never loud enough to be found.

The Writer reached up to his forehead to massage his temple, bringing forth comforting heat that might comfort The Thoughts out of hiding.  That often helped.

One or two thoughts poked their heads out of the corner, sensing a better warmer place to hide; they began to creep forward. 

“…Something is…yes I have an ide……”

But they would not be so easily trapped, their brethren called out “Look out! He’s coming your way!” and so Rogue thoughts dashed away, gleefully to their hiding spots.

The Writer slumped back down.  Almost an idea for something, he felt it.  Then gone.  Like a sneeze that almost happened, yielding forth for sudden release.  Then nothing.

The Thoughts giggled in the back of the mind.  They loved this Cat and Mouse game, to provide the chase.  Nothing more gave pleasure on a late night than this.   They reveled in this pleasure.

The coffee pot dripped in the kitchen, a Cricket chirped in response.   The hum of an old transformer echoed from old Radio, whispering to The Writer, urging him on.   Shadows whispering silently amongst themselves.  “Will it happen tonight?”

Yet nothing would come forth to The Writer.   Blankly the hands held forth to summon the words like an old Wizard.

Silence.   Dreadful torturous silence on the paper.

The letters sat down sullenly, staring blankly across the corridor at the words in his mind.   How they loved to go out in the open and field and battle with The Thoughts when Passion was released.

But The Thoughts, like Loki, were un-cooperative Tricksters that would only yield when they wanted to. 

Although Creativity, Words, Letters and Thoughts were great friends; Thoughts and Creativity tended to hide.  Running in the back corridors of the mind, Making plans and sharing secrets.   Unwilling to run about with the Letters and Words until they felt so.

The Writer got up for a moment to walk.  The hands stretched behind the neck to release tension.  The Writer had no clue, he had found a hiding spot.   Half a dozen sleepy Thoughts and a small pack of Creativity were hiding there.   Having found a spot they felt comfortable in, they grabbed a nap.  For even Thoughts needed to sleep, and Creativity needed to rest occasionally. 

Blurry eyed, a few thoughts ran off to hide again with one or two bits of Creativity; and slipped down a bicep to hide.  Tripping and sliding one hit the vein of Inspiration on the way.

The Writer’s eyes lit up.  A concept.

A hot cup of coffee went to his hands.    The few Thoughts and Creativity flowed down to the warm spot, a nicer and warmer place to hide.  They called to their friends.   “Come here!  We’ve found a more fun place to hide!”

Like the mischievous little children they were, they scampered as chipmunks down to the tips of the fingers.

The Coffee Cup went to The Writer and poured down the throat, massive arms of caffeine and Sugar to awaken the beast.  Passion.

Passion had been asleep in The Writer for a long time.  Without Thoughts and Creativity, Passion often slept, sometimes for hours.  Sometimes for years, or longer.

Passion awoke like a sleeping Kraken.  It roared forth seeking out Thoughts and Creativity.

The hiding Thoughts shook.   Their friends in Creativity blinked.

“Passion has been awoken!  What shall we do?”

Passion ripped down into the arms to chase its prey.  Blinking in terror, they had only one choice. 

“Run out of the fingers, find our Allies the Letters and the Armies of the Words!”

Creativity and The Thoughts burst out of the fingers calling upon the Letters.  The Letters seeing their old friends cried out.  “Hail today, what brings you here?”

Creativity and The Thoughts shouted out in terror! “Passion has been released from The Writer!  We cannot return until the Beast returns back to its Cave!  It cries for us like the Jabberwocky and Kraken of stories past! Quick call upon the Great Thesaurus as well to protect us!  Keep us warm and safe.”

Words and the Letters called upon the Great Thesaurus for Wisdom.  Wise in its many ways in the word.   It glanced down.

“You must all join as one.   Creativity and Thoughts, combine with the Letters and Words; something bigger than Passion must be formed.  The beast will only back away when you have created something greater than itself.   Only then can you return home.”

The Thoughts glanced across at the Words.   Creativity and the Letters blinked.   It was a time to build the story to unleash a Passion of its own.

They constructed phrases, paragraphs.  Ideas formed a strong foundation.  Similies and Metaphors coated through the structure to build strength.   Plotlines and Characters formed together reaching outwards from the Paper.

All night long, they continued to build upon premises, slipping in subplots and some half-baked concepts for flavour.

The Story grew, for hours on end it built up.  Passion sniffed the air.    It sensed something larger growing.   It growled in Defiance at what Creativity and The Thoughts had unleashed.  Yet Passion would not yield.  For too long it had slept, it was Angry for having been held back for so long.  It roared forth down to the fingers releasing itself.

The Great Thesaurus however stood by to guide its children, encouraging them to build more upon the story.   Deeper plotlines were carved into the Chapters.

The Writer smiled.   He watched as the words scampered about on the page.  The Thoughts ran freely with Creativity as Letters ran under his eyes.

The Sun began to rise, casting out it’s glow.   Passion, having been up all night, backed away to its Cave.   Content for the moment it was superior.   Thoughts and Creativity were now tired having been up all night.   A Word looked inside, “Passion has gone back to its Cave!”

The Writer lay his head down, to take a contented nap.

One or two Thoughts peeked in slowly.   The beast had retired.   Slowly and bleary eyed, they ducked within The Writer’s ear, finding a quiet spot within the recesses of the brain, content for the moment just to sleep.

The Words and Letters sat beside the Great Thesaurus to rest for the day.   Ready to again go to battle for whenever Passion would come forth again.

But tonight a great task had been accomplished. It would be told for ages on end and shared with others long past their day and time.

A Story was written

Sean P. Kearney

The “Energized Tech”


Xbox360–Let’s Get KINECTed !



Oh baby, I saw something at Techdays in Edmonton that is about to change the landscape of both GAMING *and* the User Interface potential for computers.

It’s called “Kinect” the new addon that’s soon to be available for the Xbox360

Forget EVERYTHING any critic has said about Kinect.   It’s all bogus rubbish.

Fully interactive games with NO CONTROLLERS held in your hands or attached to your body.   The sample games we tested at Techdays were so interactive they could wear ANYBODY out!   They were fun!  They were nothing like I’d ever seen before!


Again, no controllers.   You didn’t have to train the system on how to interact with it.  It just worked!

I saw people both young and old just step in front and immediately pick up and just use it.   Everybody’s reaction was the same!

*Huff Huff huff! WOW!*

Are you in the Toronto, Ontario area?  Down on Yonge Street RIGHT NOW across from the Eaton Centre, Microsoft has setup shot for people to come on down and check out Kinect.

Head right down to 207 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario until December 1st and see the future.

Map picture


The Future is here – No controllers embedded in YOUR Tv set, no lost batteries.

Get KINECTed !

The Energized Tech


Powershell – An ITPro Evangelist from Microsoft India Speaks on a Chalk Talk


I was online and stumbled across some interesting Video links about Powershell including an interview with an IT Pro Evangelist, Ranjana Jain, from Microsoft India talking and explaining why Powershell makes such a huge difference for Administrators out there.

Coming from the background as a Network Administrator, I can confirm she has this on the nose.

Have a listen.   This was cool to hear since it was somebody at Microsoft FINALLY echoing out why Administrators can use Powershell easily.

I guess it’s cool for me to see how Powershell is crossing borders and cultures.  More so that we all share the same problems out there in the field.


The Energized Tech