Today I had to provide a simple solution.  Create a formatted text file from two inputs from a user.

There was no time to have Development build an application and it literally WAS a simple app.

Get two variables, write them to a formatted text file.

So Why NOT do it in Powershell?

In all honesty, Powershell would have been easier but I needed something that could be converted to ASP.NET later on (if so desired).  So I played with vbScript for my first time.  I mean REALLY wrote something in vbScript.

First off, I think my code was poorly written and could have been easily optimized.   But it wasn’t hard.  It was a little different from the Syntax of Powershell but not horrid to deal with.   I did learn however (after having sat down and done it) just why I prefer Powershell.  That lack of need to Predefine every variable was one.

Perhaps I’ll get into some functions next time with vbScript.   Really, both languages support many of the same mechanisms.   Maybe if I optimize my vbScript code it will feel a little more like Powershell.   

But it was nice to code in another language and not find it so horribly different.  

Flex your creative muscles, you’ll be surprised what you can do.

Sean – The Energized Tech