A fated day in 2008, I wrote a single Blog post about Powershell called “Highway to Powershell”.  It was simple thing.  A fun song I wrote.   Something I did in a time when I was known as a “Friday Funny Guy”.

A simple post that sent me down a path.

Powershell.  Not just the technology but a community of some of the most interesting, intelligent and passionate people I have ever met.

It started with me looking at the stats for the post, which on a good day would have been 10 views a day.  As you can tell I had a quiet little blog.  That day, things got a little “Scary”

500 views in one days.  600 more after that.  I tracked back the posts and found some fellow name “Jeffrey Snover” had viewed, commented and posted it to some “obscure blog” on http://blogs.msdn.com/powershell

“Can’t wait for the Youtube video” was one of the comments from him.

It spawned into my first ever attempt at singing and Youtube and Videos.   The lyrics carried forward into this new and unknown community of people of Powershell Enthusiasts and experts.   The Lyrics became used in at least two huge Microsoft events, Energize IT 2008 and Heroes Happen Here in Norway, the latter performed on stage by Ragnar Harper of Crayon.

“What have I done?” I kept thinking.  A simple song.   Why would it affect anybody?

Then I began to need to use Powershell, and used it, discovering why people would be so passionate about it’s use.  A Unified Management Scripting solution across various Microsoft and 3rd party vendor platforms.  A solution that could be as simple as a Network Administrator would need but had the unlimited power to be built upon and leveraged by Developers.   A technology that would still retain the ability to leverage existing scripting solutions from vbScript and CMD.

I had stepped into the world of Powershell, a world that helped ITProfessional and Developer find a common ground.

And so today, I release back to the Community I have come to love, a final release of “Highway to Powershell” with the very music Ragnar did on stage combined with a video holding tribute to the Community, the MVP’s and actually using Powershell to sing and even play a guitar.   I will post that script in a later post.

I <3 Powershell and the Powershell Community

By the way, as after note.  the Three characters in the picture below you?

Myself (on the left)

Dmitry Sotnikov from Quest (Rear)

Ragnar Harper – Kick ass guy and passionate about technology from Crayon in Norway.

Three guys and now friends, from different lifestyles and different countries unified by one technology