Some of you watching the blog will noticed as of late, my posts have been quiet.

Since April 1st 2010, a magic day happened and life got really busy (in a good way), but also things happened at work that made it busy, things happened at home and my eyeballs began taking on this bizarre shade of Purple with Green Polka Dots.

Yes.  Life got a hold of me.   It get’s a hold of us all.   But I seem to have a built in “Anti Burnout” mechanism.  I stop doing things at one point that push me over the edge.

We all have to.  Being an IT Pro or Developer (or almost any job in the IT Industry) can be one of the most passionately time consuming enjoyable and TIME KILLING careers of all time.

I’m not complaining, not at all.  I get to meet new an interesting people as an MVP, get to help out with the big events (sometimes even go to some really cool events).   As an ITPro I deal with some of the most challenging situations presented to myself, not just technological but political.  Of course we have life’s normal little things added into it.

The problem is sometimes we get carried away and those 8 hour days at work become 17 hour days between Work, Community, Commuting, Friends and Family.

…and then you forget about “YOU”.  You can’t forget about yourself.  You have to take some time and literally “Stop and Smell the Roses” or “Sit down with a Book” or just “Play Bejeweled for 27 hours nonstop”

Whatever it takes.   You need to relax, take it easy.  The world WILL still rotate with you not patching workstations or resetting passwords for an hour.

Here’s a few things I have learned …. the hard way.

  • When you’re on a vacation, no matter how important you think work is, SHUT THE DAMN CELL PHONE OFF
  • If you have a choice between getting ahead at work or maybe just taking that weekend? TAKE THE WEEKEND.
  • Birthdays are once in a lifetime, so are Anniversaries and Holidays.  Spend them with those that matter.
  • Forget about posting to the Blog once in a while (or longer).  Sometimes Quality is Better than Quanitity.  Don’t worry.  It will still be there when you get back.
  • Take a day off for yourself, from your wife and loved ones.   Just to stop and think and collect your thoughts.  Come home with Ice Cream. “Just cuz”
  • Sleep in once in a while.  Better yet (if you can) check into a Hotel with your Wife, Partner or Signifigant other just to have a night to yourselves.
  • Stop worrying about losing weight and staying fit for one day and go to a Ribfest.  REALLY!
  • Do something you want to do at work.  Even if it’s just to clean up something that’s been bugging you, like your desk.
  • Watch a Movie! Clean up the wires behind your TV set.  Sit out in the Backyard.   Watch a comedy tape.  Sing. Dance.   Juggle Jello.

Most importantly, remember you are human, not a machine and give yourself a break.   Or that well oiled caffeinated Superman may just burn out.

…That machine is priceless and can never be replaced.  Take care of it.

The Energized Tech
”Enjoying a long weekend” 🙂