It Pro Toronto is back in session as of September 14th 2010!  Same location as last year, new schedule.  Second Tuesday of Every month!


Our next Monthly in person meeting is Tuesday Sept 14, 2010. Our topic is Database Normalization: When it is time to move your data from Excel to a database this is what you need to know.

Welcome time: 6:00PM
Start time: 6:30PM
Finish time: 9:00PM

Location: University of Toronto
Health Sciences Building
155 College St., Rm 106
Toronto, ON
South-East corner of College/McCaul.
West of Queen’s Park subway station.

Speaker: Bob Scarborough
Integrated Visual Systems

Have you ever walked into a small business client who runs his business with Excel and has decided it’s time to go Database? You know the kind of client. His invoices are Excel Spreadsheets, his Customer Lists are Excel spreadsheets, his Product List – an Excel Spreadsheet. But now his business has grown to the point where he can’t manage this in Excel anymore. Updating the information is too difficult and it’s too hard to look up info across hundreds of Excel Spreadsheets.

It’s time to go Database and your client knows it. Perhaps Microsoft Access, maybe SQL Server Express. Maybe even SQL Server Standard.

No matter what software you pick, you have to be able to take all that data in Excel and reorganize it into Relational Tables. In DB speak this is called “Database Normalization”.

This presentation will describe the process in a way appropriate for an IT Pro dealing with Small Business Clients. (If you are a Database Administrator at a large company you will find this presentation to be kindergarten level but if you are an IT Pro who normally doesn’t do this kind of thing then you will learn the basics)

Presenter Bio:
Bob Scarborough is an independent software developer specializing in database applications. Prior to starting his own practice, Bob worked in both development and product marketing roles for several database software companies including Cincom Systems, Empress Software and Symix Systems.