My main computer died on me a few months back.   My main computer which also doubled as my research PC, Hyper-V server, media box.

Yes a little of everything.  

I checked online and yes the board (Intel) was still within it’s three year warranty so I was going to just ship it.

Then I remembered, the board and goodies came from a local Toronto shop called Signa Computer Solutions.  Guys I used to deal with on a regular basis.  I emailed the owner Greg with the situation.

“Just bring the board on by Sean, we’ll take care of you” was his response.

So on my day off I dropped off the board, figuring it should take a bit since it was nearing end of warranty and these things take time.  I was in no rush.

So wouldn’t YOU be surprised if local shop had the part replaced and running NEXT Day?  I had forgotten how Greg and his staff treat their customers and how amazing his response time was!

So if you’re looking for a shop that has amazing local support that won’t cheap out on Quality?

Check out Signa Computer Solutions at .  They’re just up on Yonge Street, North of Lawrence Avenue East.

It’s nice when a local shop treats you like a King and feels like Royalty when you’re there.


The Energized Tech