Thanks to a good friend – Signa Computer Solutions

My main computer died on me a few months back.   My main computer which also doubled as my research PC, Hyper-V server, media box.

Yes a little of everything.  

I checked online and yes the board (Intel) was still within it’s three year warranty so I was going to just ship it.

Then I remembered, the board and goodies came from a local Toronto shop called Signa Computer Solutions.  Guys I used to deal with on a regular basis.  I emailed the owner Greg with the situation.

“Just bring the board on by Sean, we’ll take care of you” was his response.

So on my day off I dropped off the board, figuring it should take a bit since it was nearing end of warranty and these things take time.  I was in no rush.

So wouldn’t YOU be surprised if local shop had the part replaced and running NEXT Day?  I had forgotten how Greg and his staff treat their customers and how amazing his response time was!

So if you’re looking for a shop that has amazing local support that won’t cheap out on Quality?

Check out Signa Computer Solutions at .  They’re just up on Yonge Street, North of Lawrence Avenue East.

It’s nice when a local shop treats you like a King and feels like Royalty when you’re there.


The Energized Tech

Microsoft Techdays Canada 2010 – Right around the corner!


That’s right, in only 30 days the excitement begins!  Techdays 2010 !

Where I have i been and doing?   Why has the Energized Tech been so darn quiet?

Along with Microsoft and a team of highly dedicated volunteers, community leaders and dedicated specialists, we have been working hard until the deepest hours of the morning.   Crafting and shaping the content for you.  Ensuring no details were skipped over overlooked.

Doing whatever it takes to bring YOU to the next level.   Pooling together our collective knowledge and abilities, researching and scoping out what will make a difference to you.

Techdays is not just about technology, it’s about Community.   The Community across Canada and North America getting together to help each other learn and grown.

… and hey, two days off from work is never bad either 🙂

So quickly now, go to , Register now and take the step to the next level.  Take a chance on yourself.

And hope to see YOU this year at Techdays 2010 – Stop by and say “Hey!”

Open up your thoughts to something Fresh and New, Pour it right into You.

“The Energized Tech”
Techdays Canada Presenter and Session Lead