I had a friend look at me and say “No it doesn’t work”

Seemed to be a reasonable statement.  Windows XP Mode normally requires Hardware Acceleration to be available… or at least it did!

You see a while back Microsoft removed the need run Windows XP Mode only on machines with this ability.

So I can (and have) run Windows XP mode on a Pentium 4 Mobile chip (1.6).  To make it work you just download the THIRD option for Windows XP Mode.  This update disables the requirement for Hardware Acceleration.


So why not on a Virtual Machine in Hyper-V?

……Come to think of it WHY would I do this in the first place?

One word,  demo environment.   There are situations where I’ll need to present and show Windows XP mode and various setups from a Virtual machine.   A file that won’t care about the hardware base.

True, Windows XP Mode will run slower on a non Accelerated machine, but it will work.

So in my Virtual Windows 7 computer in Hyper-v, I ran the three updates to enable Windows XP mode.  The Virtual machine was a 32 bit Windows 7 child in Hyper-V.

Guess what?  It’s running Windows XP Mode (A Virtual Machine) in a Child in Hyper-V (Another Virtual Machine).  I could get stupid geeky and install Virtual PC inside of THAT machine, but well no.  

I don’t think so (Except to maybe demonstrate an application that won’t install in Windows 7 but will in Windows XP)

The only real drawback I have seen is you have to run Windows XP Mode in Full screen to get a resolution beyond 640×480.

But then again, it’s meant to run applications and you normally don’t access the Windows XP Desktop except to add applications to Windows XP mode.

But there you have it.  For the truly nerdy.  You CAN have Windows XP Mode in a Virtual Machine.

That is, if you have to 😉

The Energized Tech