Here’s a small but handy feature to know about.

I’ve had a few situations where I had to enable a network stack without a Physical live adapter running.

It’s not a common practice but some smaller business, doctor’s offices etc, still only run off one PC.  There are even some hosting scenarios where you need a network running “internally” but can’t tie it to a physical adapter.

Although Hyper-V resolves many of these issues, there are still environments where this is the case and you need what is known as a “loopback” adapter.

It is EXACTLY as it’s name implies.  It is a Network Adapter that  exists in the SOFTWARE world but not the Real World Neo.  You can assign it an IP address, Bind Hyper-V or any piece of software to it.   It’s especially handy on Coloated SBS servers where you can’t expose the “Real network” to the internet but need internal communication between your “Virtual networks” and servers.

Anyhow, here’s how ya create a Loopback adapter.

imageEnter the Device Manager, right click at the top of the
Machine name and choose “Add Legacy Hardware”







This would now bring up that old familiar
”Add New Hardware” Wizard we used to remember.

Click “Next” to continue on…





Select the next option as “Install the Hardware that I
manually select from a list (Advanced)”

Yes… click “Next” again…






Choose “Network Adapters” from the next list and
Well yes, click “Next” another time…






Under “Manufacturer” choose “Microsoft”, then under the
provided “Network Adapter" list chose “Microsoft Loopback Adapter”

Oh yes, and do feel free to click “NEXT” yet one more time.





You’ll get a confirmation of what’s it going to add in,

….and yet one more “NEXT” which can happily click on






and now it’s installed! 




Going into your “Network and Sharing Center” and clicking on “Change adapter settings” will reveal an extra “Network Card” identified as the “Microsoft Loopback Adapter”





This adapter can be disabled or enabled like any other,can take an IP address and will be a valid stack.

Here’s a scenario where I use it daily.  When I run demos off of a laptop I cannot always be guaranteed Wifi or Physical access or even a working network.   So to ensure my environment CAN’T change (when I don’t require internet access) I bind my Virtual network to a loopback adapter which is ALWAYS there.

Gives me a greater chance for stability against he unknown.

Anyhow, another piece of Digital Hardware that’s free to add in to your Arsenal of ability

The Energized Tech