I would use “The Case of the UnExplained” but I think somebody who’s name holds more lofty and far more earned credentials than I uses that.

So let’s just call this “Puzzles in the Wild” or “Shared Confusion” or “Oh I was banging my head against the wall for THAT?!”

But I’ll CC: this “Guy” at Microsoft and see if he found it interesting.

Here was my problem

Cisco VPN client.  Yes I’ll name it because others might be encountering this (or maybe not, maybe I lost my mind again)

I have found lately that installing the Cisco VPN client onto Windows 7 or Vista on FAST machines is really freaking slow painful mind numbingly “bite my foot off now and make Dance the Macarena” install.

Yes that bad.

It’s not a big install.  But for some stupid reason, it just takes FOREVER.  My last install?  Are you ready? (*wait for this and a drum roll*)


24! and it DIDN’T INSTALL!

I checked online and even found a reference to Manually installing the “Deterministic Networks” component from Citrix that Cisco uses.  I did that fix.  NOPE.  That didn’t work. So Next step.

I uttered some “special Magic Words” and “Incantations” which I’m certain will ruin my Karma down the road.

Yes, obviously I’m pretty patient.  At this point I pulled out ProcessExplorer.exe and ProcessMonitor.exe and few magic beads I found in New Orleans and that “Intel Bunny Guy” I got at BestByte.

I looked and for some stupid reason it was trying to talk to a DC and until it got the response it desired…… Well it was saying “duuuuuuuuhhhhhh!!!!!”"

Oh.  I see.  So what happens if unplug the LAN and disable the WIFI ( no, no, no the WIFE! ) and see what it does.

10 seconds later …. *Voooooom!* done

Yes I uttered a magic word after that.  But it was working, so the “Magic Word” gets no credit here.   Persistence, Creativity and Sysinternals DO.

I’ll figure out the “WHY” later on BUT

A) the Problem is solvable
B) Sysinternals should get an award for saving so many Administrators from Killing Developers
C) I Hate “Murphy’s Law

Cheers and don’t stress, It hits all of us everyday of the week.  We’re in this boat together!

The Energized Tech