Here’s a tool many of us hear about, but a few just starting into Powershell may not quite grasp what it’s for.

It’s called “PowerGui” from Quest Software.   Up until a month I didn’t even really use it, only because I completely missed out on what it is.

It is a GUI interface for Powershell.   A Management console with 98% of the functions you normally perform fabricated into a single GUI.   If you have the Exchange Snapins or Active Directory?  It will leverage them.

So why PowerGui?  For it’s built in Editor (That by itself is worth the reason to start)

It is a full GUI interface allowing you to Point and Click to build functions and scripts you might find you need to use.

But more importantly for those just STARTING into Powershell (as well as seasoned users), it provides actual Powershell code for whatever you just did. 




It does it as simple as viewing the Properties for the module.








Revealing the Code contained within that produced that output








Or by simply clicking on the “Powershell” tab








You get a running log of all the Powershell code you have been generating for everything you have done.






It also contains the PowerGui script Editor which has features very similiar to the Visual Studio Intellisense which autoprompts and autocompletes CmdLets you are keying in.

Will it make you a Powershell Guru?  Will it teach you Powershell? 

Of course not.  But it will bridge that gap giving you the sample code you need that sometimes is not provided by third Party vendors or other Management consoles.

There is also PowerGui PRO which kicks things up a notch as well as “MobileShell” which is the coolest feature ever! It puts Powershell behind a Web interface so you can manage your Network from almost any web Enabled Device! (Except unfortunately Blackberry which the team at Quest is working on we hope for later release)

But don’t be like me, download and Try Powergui now at www.quest.com or powergui.org and See what I was missing all this time!

The Power of Shell is in YOU

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