If you’re looking into a low cost method of deploying software in Windows and migrating to Windows 7 in particular?

Look no further.

The Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 Update 1 is HUGE change for ONE key reason

A clean install of the operating system and applications, no loss of data WITHOUT the need for an external backup source of any type.

*** WHAT?! ***

Yes the first time I heard it, I  DOUBTED it.   In fact my first time doing an upgrade of a Corporate laptop to Windows 7 Enterprise, I did a backup JUST BECAUSE!

But it’s not needed.

You see you can create a Deployment image that does a “REFRESH” of the hardware.  Using a really simple yet amazing technique, the data is marked so it can’t be erased by a format.

I did a full wipe of a laptop with MDT 2010, Clean install of the operating system, The entire Office 2010 suite (Yes every last bit) and all needed applications including some addons for the internet.

Time?  Fourty Minutes.

Keep in mind.  This is a mostly automated install (LTI) of Windows 7, Applications, blanked out drive for the O/S, ALL DATA PROTECTED AND RETAINED.

A proper and RECOMMENDED and backed by the manufacturer install.  MY actual time involved for the install for about 2 minutes to click the mouse.

The beautiful part is this Image can be deployed to ANY piece of hardware in our environment.   It could also carry onto a brand new site by just changing the product keys in an XML file.

The cost of this software is Zero.

That’s right NOTHING.

It’s cost’s NOTHING and give’s you everything you would ever want.  

It’s yours for the download right now.  MDT 2010 Update 1.   As perfect for Small Business and it is for the Enterprise.

The Energized Tech