I was playing.  I’ll completely admit to that.

I had the Dual boot between Windows 7 and Server 2008R2 running beautifully.  Then I did a dumb thing.

I decided to clean things up.

“All my Data is on D” is what my mind said “All my Data is on D”

Then I started deleting and moving old stuff, cleaning up stuff that was garbage.  I was careful, I was meticulous…

I was mixing up my drive letters.

So I inadvertently deleted my “Exchange 2007 Console” on my own laptop.  Yes.  I was an idiot. 

But normally NOT a problem to fix, whack out the entry in HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUNINSTALLS usually does the trick for most stuff based on the Windows installer.  Maybe a registry key or so and dropped in the disk

And it wouldn’t install.  In fact it failed BEFORE running the installer.  Examine the registry, purge every spot Exchange Management Console ever used.

Still the same result

“Error…Error…Error…” I felt like it was a bad Star Trek episode.

Until I deleted the Shortcut (The SHORTCUT of all things) to the Exchange Console.

Then the blinking thing installed.

Sometimes it really IS the dumbest things.

In this case one leftover shortcut and one EnergizedTech with his foot in his mouth


Remember, we all make dumb mistakes

The Energized Tech