This is something for every single IT guy, Developer, future CIO or just “Geek on the Street”.

A pause of realization.   A chance to look up and say “That can be me.”

A article of mine went online this week at the “Hey Scripting Guy!” blog at Microsoft.  I thought this was cooler than singing Karaoke with Steve Ballmer.

Really.  I think that would be damned cool.  

Then I glanced at the names of other authors on the same series.   I just about sh*…..  Well I err….. I had to pause and well… I HAD TO PAUSE

William R. Stanek, John Ferringer, Andy Schneider and THE Ed Wilson.  My little posting sat amongst these greats.  Authors of literature.  POWERSHELL gurus who came before me and who *I* aspired to be like.   The Great Masters.  My little words sat with theirs.


This blog post is for every single person that ever thought “I’m not sure” or “I don’t compare to them” or the worst phrase of all “I’m not sure in myself”

Let me tell you know.  BE sure, YOU DO compare and I AM SURE in YOU!

Holding back on our dreams is a denial to ourselves and who we can be.   It is the ultimate Sin.  Don’t commit it.

Take the chance.

Seize the Day.

Believe in YOU and it will happen.

The Energized (and today very humbled) Tech