This is not a joke.  I aught a tweet from @miguelcarrasco this morning about a “Headset that reads Brainwaves” and clicked on it.

What I encountered was an amazing NON THEORETICAL talk on “TED”.  A company called Emotiv has developed a device that costs $299 per unit that does actually map out brain wave functions.

This is not “Read your thoughts and steal your mind” but something far more practical.   Utilizing your brain to interface directly with the computer (or electronics).  They showed some interesting game applications, Smarthome ideas but the one that floored me was using it to control a Wheelchair.

Stop right now.   A device to allow somebody to control a wheel chair with their mind.   So you’re paralized and have minimal use of your body, perhaps movement in your arms or legs is incredibly painful.

Control from your mind.

Here’s the Video from TED – and yes you can buy them now