Here’s one for you.  If you have a “Cisco IP Phone” that says “Ethernet Disconnected” don’t worry.

It’s just a wiring problem.   Don’t be stumped and confused thinking “But the phone is on via POE so the wire SHOULD be good”

No.  That just means the “P” (Power) in the POE is good.  Those wires ARE connected.

It’s the other 4 (You know, Orange pair and Green pair?  Transmit / Receive) one or more of those is bad.   Even swapped (Cross your fingers that isn’t the case!)

Just plug on your test equipment and verify all the cables are correct and wiring tapped off right.

Here’s one more to be on the watch for.  Sometimes (But very rarely) a cheap patch panel is wired incorrectly on the inside.

Not common but I’ve seen it.  Was banging my head against a LAN for 15 minutes and reterminated THREE times until I stopped and realized one of the ends was wired wrong.

Hard to do, but it happens.    Just swap out the end with a good end (the wall) but if you’re stuck? Although it’s not up to 568a or 568b, physically swap the wires to make it work and log/note that jack is not wired quite right.

Surprisingly however, it may actually hit Gigabit and work ok (Depending on Distance to Demark)

Don’t worry about the weird stuff, sometimes just accept it and chuckle on

The Energized Tech