Multifunction Photocopier Manufacturers – GET A CLUE

I’m both impressed AND disgusted at the key manufacturers of Photocopiers in the present day world.


They’ve come up with a great technique (All of them for the most part) called “Cloning” which is a fancy word to “Backup the Photocopier Config and Restore it somewhere else”

That’s great.  I’ve successfully gotten it to work to.

Now where I am disgusted is not ONE of them has pulled their HEADS OUT OF THE GROUND and looked about to realize that MANY of these units are in an ENTERPRISE class environment.

What does that mean to Administrators?

It means they give you a stupid web interface that’s not designed to link into any system directly to allow importing of data into their internal Accounting systems.   I know for a fact of one key manufacturer that has their entire system based upon .NET but has no clue about Powershell (EASY ENTERPRISE INTERFACE!)

So rather than being Smart, and say spending a few minutes setting up a system that could be managed by an Administrator via script, they build a big glorified overkill Web interface without the LEAST little thought that these systems might need to be managed not only REMOTELY but EFFICIENTLY.

Note I didn’t mention any names, but all the big guys are to blame.

Get a clue. 

Administrators of these devices HATE wasting time (mostly our time) and prefer consistency.  Invest a little R&D into Powershell, VBscript to link into your system.  Whoever does it first will be causing their competition to cry pools of tears.

Bill Gates on Energy and Innovating to Zero

One of the more inspiring talks I have seen.   Bill Gates on making that dramatic needed change to bring the climate under control.

Take special note of the fact that Nuclear Power Plants could now be built to use the WASTE fuel as Energy and burning more slowly producing MORE energy.

This is something, today, that should be implemented regardless of the cost.

But it is inspirational to realize we all have one common problem and that WE the people who live on this planet, WE can solve it.

…we will… somehow… for our children and our children’s children

Control your PC with your Mind

This is not a joke.  I aught a tweet from @miguelcarrasco this morning about a “Headset that reads Brainwaves” and clicked on it.

What I encountered was an amazing NON THEORETICAL talk on “TED”.  A company called Emotiv has developed a device that costs $299 per unit that does actually map out brain wave functions.

This is not “Read your thoughts and steal your mind” but something far more practical.   Utilizing your brain to interface directly with the computer (or electronics).  They showed some interesting game applications, Smarthome ideas but the one that floored me was using it to control a Wheelchair.

Stop right now.   A device to allow somebody to control a wheel chair with their mind.   So you’re paralized and have minimal use of your body, perhaps movement in your arms or legs is incredibly painful.

Control from your mind.

Here’s the Video from TED – and yes you can buy them now