You cannot talk about Teched 2010 and not, at one point in time touch on New Orleans itself.

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There is one thing that truly unique about New Orleans over any city is the food and the music.   The City Lives and BREATHES music.   Jazz music pours out of from every crevice of the city singing soulful yet lively sounds breathing in and out of you.  A being of pure chorus and sound.

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It is also a city that has fought back from Disaster and is still fighting.  Everywhere I went about there were still signs of rebuilding.   Where people were contributing back to the community to make a difference.


There are homes in New Orleans where Brad Pitt himself is helping to rebuild them.

Hurricane Katrina could not take down New Orleans, not a city with this much spirit.







The life and music that is Bourbon Street, the people carrying on, the food and soul that is New Orleans fought back.

Only making it stronger.

A tip of my hat to the people and the City of New Orleans

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