So yesterday TechEd 2010 wrapped up in New Orleans.   It was more than I expected and better than I dreamed.   Sessions about technology sitting right on the edge, Vendors portraying their arts. 

The Lights, the Colours, the MUSIC!

For how could you have ANY event in New Orleans without music?  The event opened and closed with one of the most lively bands I have ever heard.    A chorus of music so powerful it drove a crowd of over 10,000!

From the quote from the lead singer “In New Orleans we Eat, Drink and Party and then start all over again”.   After having spent a week down here, *IT* is truly the “City that never Sleeps” not New York.    The Entire town is a living breathing organism of life, love and music.

TechEd North America 2010 lived as a part of this city while here.   Attendees networked with each others like old friends.   Presenters carried the life into their presentations.   It was a spectacle unforeseen.

Of course I had a few personal memories I’ll get to take away from TechEd.   Meeting some of the nicest people ever from the Powershell team, especially Jeffrey Snover and all the product team.   MVP leads as well as those in charge of the team.  

But it didn’t stop there! Chatting and meeting with the two hardest working guys at Microsoft, “Hey Scripting Guy” Craig Liebendorfer and Ed Wilson. Ragnar Harper of Crayon involved in the biggest and best version of Highway to Powershell.  Kirk “Poshoholic” Munro, Thomas “DR DNS” Lee as well as Jeffrey Hicks.  Even Glenn Sizemore a winner on “The Scripting Games” and a follower of my tweets!

If that wasn’t ENOUGH I got to help out Rick Claus of Microsoft Canada with his Podcast “Security Bulletins for the Regular IT Guy” as well as interviewed on stage with (Pause, Gasp, Faint) JEFFREY SNOVER and DON JONES! Too much!

Just when I thought I was settled down, the final bit came along.

I was about to cry (literally) in happiness at getting to see the Master in action.  MARK RUSSINOVICH!  The man who’s tools I use daily to under the nightmares that happen under the hood.    The Ultimate Technician. 

I saw him.

I got to shake his hand before the Channel9.MSDN.COM live interview (By the way, Mr. Russinovich, that handshake settled me down for the show!  THANKS!)

His theatre was packed.  Everybody was excited to see him.  He came out to chat with us before hand.  Oh I WISH my throat wasn’t quite so hoarse from the previous night.   It was DEFINITELY a d De-EnergizedTech he got to meet! 

And for Seventy FIVE glorious minutes I got to take in some of the deepest and most interesting Technical troubleshooting tips ever.  The use of WinDebugger and the Sysinternals tools to wield and control the problems at hand.

It was so amazing to see I wasn’t the only person to look at troubleshooting as an art and to understand the concept of the pyramid effect.  How one small piece can cause a greater problem.  The Solution of that small piece eliminating far greater issues.

I walked out his session about to burst into tears of joy.

It was THAT good 🙂

So to all of you out there I got to meet at Teched 2010 that I may have forgotten to mention, thanks for the opportunity.  You have TRULY Energized me.

For any of you out there that wonder “Should I take chance” at something?  Do it.

Pass or Fail, you will learn.  You can always attempt again.   Because I took a shot at my dreams, I was at TechEd 2010.

I will never forget this week or New Orleans as long as I live.

The Energized Tech