Switching from the Train to the Bus waiting for the Milton Bus there was a little mayhem.  The Blackberry shutoff sending my Developer friend quickly scrambling for code to rewrite the O/S on my phone.  

A large crowd of Party goers or people who were actually surprised a Toronto team won a game.

And apparently most of them though there was a complimentary open air urinal posted in the bus depot.  

“….Have I already arrived in New Orleans?” my mind wondered.   No just a late night in the normally quiet city of Toronto Ontario.

Ahh… my bus has arrived and the Blackberry Messages have returned.

Onto the next stop… Milton, where I shall meet up with my ever creative Developer friend SyntaxC4 (Cory)

He has already placed a coffee ban on me.  Hmmm.  He must have been speaking to Rodney.