So we budgeted the right amount of time, for the border, the pickup and checkin.

We allocated reasonable delay times which should have put us near the airport about 4 to 4:30am

What do YOU suppose would happen if you PLANNED for NORMAL and completely REGULARLY expected delays?

That’s right.  They didn’t happen.  Not a one.  Nadda.  ZILCH!

So as a result we are now sitting here snacking on the “Border Wait” snacks with Red Bull.  And we HAVE to finish ALL the Red Bull BEFORE we board for the flight.

Ok, Cory (SyntaxC4) with 2 Red Bull not so bad.   But Me?  Didn’t they have big red warning signs at events saying “No Coffee for Sean the EnergizedTech.  No Coffee!” with guards protecting the pots?

I am now presently chugging down a Red Bull *urp*.    The second awaits with a mouthful of Corn nuts and some shared wifi from a PCMCMIA internet card.

Life is good.  And New Orleans awaits us in 8 hours…

SyntaxC4 and EnergizedTech charged up on 2 Red Bulls in New Orleans for TechEd.

Yes, this will be an interesting day