I was presented with a rare opportunity this year.  A chance to go to TechEd 2010 in New Orleans and see more than I could ever imagine in 4 days!  A chance to see more topics than at  Techdays-CA.   A rare chance to meet and network with people I’ve only ever met online via Twitter and LinkedIn

But even more importantly?  It’s a fantastic chance to learn.    To wrap my mind so deep into technology I may never be the same person again.   An opportunity to expand myself and bring abilities to my employer that mere mortals can barely imagine.

And yes, naturally as a result, a chance to grow.

So will YOU be at TechEd-NA 2010? If you try to find me, I’ll be a balding guy, with a Tilley hat wearing THIS truly unique shirt

 FrontPowershell BackPowershell

…and yes, with my eyes and mind open, ready to take in the week.

See you there!

The Energized Tech
MVP Windows Powershell