This really isn’t a difficult article to write, since the process I am about to explain is very easy.

Restoring a backup to a new system with Windows 7 or Vista is beautiful and smooth.   It really is. 

I’ll be blunt … “They finally got backup RIGHT!”

Not just a little bit right but “Holy be-*bleep* amazing I wish I had this for the last ten years!” Right.

You see the restore is no longer WHOLLY dependant on the hardware.   Just a little bit.   The important stuff.

If you’re old O/S was 64 bit, the restore must be 64 bit too (ergo the platform you’re restoring to has to be 64 bit.

You have to have at LEAST the same amount of PHYSICAL drives as the source computer.  Even if one of those drives is hang off a SATA cable to make it work.

See ?  not a lot.   Here’s the cool part.  You can step UP in hardware.   Any technician out there who has ever upgraded a client workstation or server knows what I am talking about.  The “HAL” game doesn’t get played anymore.

Do you know what it takes to use the backup ?  How about an External box?  A lan drive?

Very little.  Of course if you have Windows Home Server, you’ve already been experiencing this Nirvana. 


Here’s how nice the Restore is.  I’ve restored a Bitlockered O/S backed up from ONE computer to a non Bitlockered system on a Domain.  When I was done, I just logged in and went back to work.

That’s right.  No rejoining the machine to the domain.  I may have had to add in some network drivers but my cached lan credentials were there too.   Applications ran EXACTLY as if there were on the old machine.

Just to show you how nice it is on Servers, a good friend Used the SBS 2008 Restore (same technology as Vista and Windows 7 backup) to restore from a Virtual Instance to a Physical Instance.

O/S booted up, Active Directory fully instact.  You would have though nothing had chancged.

So if you’re wondering about an inexpensive Backup solution for a Small Business?  Sometimes the best solution is right in front of you.  Built in

The Energized Tech