As the announcer on the radio would normally say “….When we last left our heroes…”

Last time we just finished up Making Server 2008R2 the first (and most secure) DC in a new environment.  Now we’re going to kick things up a notch.  We’re going to show you how to manage it with JUST Powershell.

Yes I can already see the jaws dropping.

Granted there are some things where a GUI console is far superior.   Doing RSOP, editing GPO, I use the GUI for that.  It presents the information in a way that is sensible.

But there are things that a Powershell interface beats a GUI hands down.  Creating users, disabling, unlocking accounts, Querying A/D.  Powershell beats the GUI there.  Functions that normally need to be repeated?  GUI runs off crying in the corner.

First we need the tools to manage this Core AD box.   One line and we are off to the races.

START W/ OCSETUP ActiveDirectory-PowerShell

And a few moments later you have the ActiveDirectory Powershell module available to you on that box.

To use this on the box simply start up Powershell and then execute the following Commandlet

IMPORT-MODULE ActiveDirectory

Or if you REALLY want to impress your friends you could modify your Powershell profile by adding the command to it to automatically launch every time.   Or make people blink by memorizing THIS shortcut for launching Powershell


Which will execute that Import command as well

What will this do for you?  You’ll have the ability to commands to manage Active Directory on that core box now.

For a list of available Commandlets just execute

GET-COMMAND –module ActiveDirectory

We have now just opened Pandora’s box.  Next time we’ll show you just how much power lays at your finger tips with Active Directory on Server 2008R2 with only using Powershell.

The Power of Shell is in YOU

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