Just a quick comment on MDT 2010 (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010)

If you haven’t looked into it and still using other more costly imaging technologies, SERIOUSLY look into it.

Changes are a breeze.

My boss looked over at me and said “Kearney, I’m calling you out….”

No, no actually he DIDN’T say that. 

“Make a New Image in MDT 2010 with Windows 7 and Office 2010 to update the corporate image, make it snappy!”

Now we all know what the old methods were like.  Install the O/S.  Install the Apps.  Prep the system with Sysprep or using some imaging Technology from Symatnec or free third Party utils.  Two words for it.

“TIME CONSUMING” and most of all, usually hardware dependant.

MDT 2010, well I barely had to think about it.

I obtained the Windows 7 Media, added it to the system.   I obtained the Office 2010 added IT to the system.

I customized my selections to use Office 2010 and Windows 7 instead of the older O/S and Office but keep the same base apps.

Then I generated a Media Folder and .ISO file.

Want to guess how long it took?  about 15 minutes, and most of that was generating the folder structure and ISO file.  I’m pushing the estimate a bit high too.  The imaging process (because it’s a clean, proper and mostly automated install) is NOT dependant on Hardware either!

Then I was able to take that VERY Deployment folder and put it onto a bootable USB key, or burn it to DVD.   If I wanted to get really creative?  Add in WDS and have PXE boots from workstations for the install.

The cost?  I’m certain any system this EASY must cost money.   Nope.  Nothing. Nadda.  Just time to download it and the Windows AIK.  The beautiful part is the images aren’t even tied to a single SITE!  As a small Business owner, I remember having to keep alternate images for our clients.  With MDT 2010 I could have been running ONE computer to add in the New Office application or ZIP program to the client image.

I love when things are simple AND Free!  Thanks Microsoft and THANK YOU Michael Niehaus!  This thing rocks. 🙂

The Energized Tech