This isn’t a “toot your own horn” (well maybe a tiny bit)

I get to sit on a stage with Jeffrey Snover and Don Jones with the live Channel 9 show at TechEd 2010 in North America down in New Orleans.

I have to pause for a minute here and wipe a tear…

For me, this is beyond belief and beyond words.

I am a geek.

Just a geek.

That’s all I will ever be.  But I will be the best I can at it every day.

I was never into sports.  I was in the band.  I played Trombone (My Axe), a bit of flute, trumpet, sax and Clarinet.  I spent my days, nights and mornings drooling over Byte Magazine articles, manually typing in software; somehow avoiding Carpel Tunnel.   Wishing I had Bionic arms.

……and even playing Piano on a Vic-20 (A story for another day)

On the greatest convention held in North America in one of the most beautiful cities I have the rare opportunity to be on stage with the very FATHER of Powershell as well as one of the most gifted individuals to Master Powershell.

To sit WITH them

Amongst them

as them

For a guy like me, who looks up to Computer guys as my heroes, People like Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, Paul Allen, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Linus Torvalds, and Jack Tramiel; ALL of those that came before me, that inspired me.  All of them and you.

Those are my heroes. 

On Tuesday I will sit with them, and answer questions and CHAT with them.  I could not have imagined this in my dreams.

But dreams become reality given time, effort and pursuit for all of us.

I’ll be on stage wearing my Powershell shirt smiling like an idiot 🙂


Living the dream.


Cheers All and see you at TechEd 2010

the Energized Tech
”Seek out your dreams…”