A good friend of mine is doing something I couldn’t imagine any human doing.  He’s riding over 200 miles on a BICYCLE to help raise money to conquer cancer.

TWO HUNDRED MILES.  The first time I heard that number I stared in disbelief.  The words “IMPOSSIBLE” left my mouth.   Over 200 miles in barely a weekend.  A HUMAN on a BICYCLE.

a Mere Mortal

For more details on THAT major endeavour go to http://www.conquercancer.ca/goto/rbuike

I’m certain Rodney thought that too.  You have to.  When we are faced with a challenge that SEEMS insurmountable and unstoppable we ALL say that. “Oh NO!  I’ll never do this!”

But then you set down that road.  “Just Cuz!” is sometimes the reason we do it.  Sometimes the reason we don’t stop is “I’ll be embarassed” or “I can’t let people down”

Maybe even as simple as “I can’t let myself down.”

then something happens.   That effort begins to reward, internally, sometimes physically, sometimes socially.  Very often in ways that just can be foreseen by ANYBODY.

But often positive results in some way.

For my friend Rodney, he lost weight, took on a new vigour on life I don’t he ever foresaw.   Became more than he ever thought.

So can you.  

Take up something, something hard.  Take the challenge.  Try (maybe fail) and try AGAIN.  But never give up. 

Those rewards will be yours.

For my friend Rodney, others touched by his effort will be rewarded beyond years.   His effort has inspired others (like myself) to TAKE that chance and try for a difference in our own ways.   It’s infectious in the most wonderful of ways.

So raise a toast.  For those that try to make a change, each and every day.

Please check out http://www.conquercancer.ca/goto/rbuike and help out in YOUR way.  No matter HOW small and make a difference.

Even if it is to go down and cheer Rodney on.  It’ll make his day