Here’s something to put in your hat and a truly solid reason to get Sharepoint 2010 or even just try

It’s called WebApps.

Imagine having a VERY functional version of Office applications on your PC WITHOUT having to physically install it?

Imagine a way to truly control the costs in your office.  

Webapps is part of Sharepoint 2010 and something that’s becominig available in Skydrive, Microsoft’s free web based 25 gig storage account.

Want to try it?

Go to and get a free account.  Then upload something like a simple Excel spreadsheet or Powerpoint presentation on there.


You’ll notice this button “EDIT”


Click on it, read the agreement and accept.

Without having EXCEL on your computer, you now have a way to edit that spreadsheet.  Free.   It’s not as full featured as FULL Excel 2007 or Excel 2010 but you can edit cells, manipulate data.   It will even link to the Full version if you have it.

Although not as Powerful as it’s bigger cousin, it DOES provide a nice way for all those people that want Excel on their computer but really only need it to view and do minor edits.


Presently there are versions for Powerpoint and Excel online now and the list is growing.

Curious and want to know more?  Check out this link on Microsoft for further details about WebAppsOr check out the Blog on Microsoft about WebApps. 


I strongly encourage to see just what YOU can leverage them to make both yourself and your staff more productive.

The Energized Tech