A part of my life passed on today.   A huge rock hero I followed for a very long time.

Ronnie James Dio.

Did I know him?  No.  But like many fans his music carried us through it all.

“Dio” was talented beyond the years.   Many people just remember him from days as a Solo artist and with Black Sabbath.

Understatement of the day.  Ronnie James Dio was involved with Rainbow in the 70’s, Elf in the 60’s.

One thing can always be stated (for me at least) listening to the music of Dio.   It was truly epic. 

A Dio tune was NOT just “Guitars and Drums and Screaming".  Dio wrote songs that were stories both dark and mysterious and in many ways mystical like a good Tolkien novel.    The Chords, Lyrics and Chorus would weave together into an unforgettable Medley.

Was his music “Evil” ?  No.  It was like a good Alice Cooper song.  It was an experience.   It was something to let you release your frustrations as a teenager harmlessly while at the same time become carried away with his more mellow music.

Ronnie James Dio, you will be missed by many of us.

Where you pass to only you know.

But we; the Lost Children of the Sea, will never forget you.   You ARE a Star now amongst the Stars.