A little over two years ago Microsoft released a Great new technology.  Core.  Server 2008 in Core mode.  No Gui, no MMC, No Solitaire.  Just what we REALLY needed.  Bare Metal.  Power without the fluff.

One problem.  It was a pain to setup.  

In the quest to create a truly secure O/S, EASY basic management was forgotten.   Users and Administrators got angry.

Microsoft listened.

With the Advent of Server 2008R2, the new core is SEAMLESS.  It’s still clean and stripped down but now has TWO major addons that make setup ready to go.

The first is simple VBscript based system called SCONFIG.   SCONFIG is a simple but useful menu system to enable the most basic tasks on a Core box to eliminate Administration headaches.  The ability to Name it, Join Domain, Configure Remote Management.

The important stuff.

It also incorporated the ONE feature that SHOULD have been placed into Server 2008 CORE, POWERSHELL.

Powershell is the Management Shell somebody up there overlooked.   That oversight has been corrected.   

What we will attempt to cover in this small series of Blog Posts, is how to ENABLE and MANAGE various roles directly on Server 2008R2 Core with Powershell.

There are many others who will touch on how to setup a Server 2008R2 Core box, but for me; I’m more concerned on how do I MANAGE and CONTROL what I have if I can’t have the MMC GUI console.

I’m going to try and help YOU so that if you are thinking of Server 2008R2 Core for just security reasons, you should understand that Management is not an afterthought and your Administrators can work with it easily.

So let’s take a look a Core, because although it is truly HARD CORE there’s nothing “HARD” about it.

The Energized Tech