So today, let’s talk a look at add in Roles and Features to our new Server 2008R2 Core box.

Enabling any Role in CORE requires the knowledge of at least THREE Commands.




I can hear people giggling about “NOTEPAD”.  But when you see WHY it will make so much sense.

OCSETUP is the command you use to ADD IN those features to the server.  the format of the command is OCSETUP “NameOfFeatureYouareTrying2Use”.

Personally when I use OCSETUP I launch it like this

START /W OCSETUP “NameOfFeatureYouareTrying2Use”

This is because there is NO status bar when you’re adding in a Role or feature.  Remember this is CORE.  It’s what you NEED not what you WANT.  

You NEED to know when the setup is done, you WANT a status bar.   Launching OCSETUP with a START /W will not return you the command prompt until that process finishes.   In that way the NEED is filled.  You can tell when it’s done installing.

This also makes the process scriptable and repeatable for multiple servers.

OCLIST is the command that lists all of the Roles and Features available to you.  Just like Server Manager.  The names are Case Sensitive.  THIS IS INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER!

A role called “SomeSillyRole” is completely different from “somesillyrole”.  If you’re trying to figure out why the new role or feature says “I’m not available”; it’s usually like the same mistake I initially made.

It’s all Case sensitive.  Type it EXACTLY the way you see it.

Now here’s where NOTEPAD comes in.

My little trick (since it’s a HUGE list on the screen that OCLIST will produce, TRUST ME) is this.


And then I use NOTEPAD to peruse that file to get the exact spelling of the features and roles or more specifically what roles I have to work with.

See? Not so silly.

So if we wanted to add in the Feature “Telnet” to a Server core box to allow you to Telnet TO other boxes you would type in

START /W “TelnetClient”

That’s it! Easy!

Next time we’ll look into setting up Server 2008R2 Core as a File Server.

The Energized Tech