Once, once in a Blue moon you’ll run into a situation where the Hyper-V Child is “starting” and shows a stuck status of 0%.   You can’t stop it.  You can’t access it.

You’re stuck!

No.  No you’re not.  It’s an easy fix.  Just kill the VMWP.EXE associated with the Child.   But how do you tell?

Believe it or not it’s incredibly easy.  Just use Process Explorer from www.sysinternals.com

Use the Process Explorer on your problematic host to see all the VMWP.EXE processes.    When you examine the details you’ll notice that the working VMWP.EXE processes contain a reference to the Physical VHD file.   The ones that are stuck have no reference to anything. 

If you look at them in Process Explorer you will see references to files, but NONE with a reference to the configuration or the VHD data.   Those are safe to “End Process”.

Once you do that the problematic Children in Hyper-v will start.

Yes a restart will fix you, but the fact is not everybody can reboot a host Server.   Key word “Production Environment”.  Second key word “Downtime”

Your best setup involves of course a clustered setup with failover.  But in some situations you can’t do that.  Budget can be one.

Knowing you CAN patch the situation without killing the host?  Very important.

Strive for the redundancy.  But remember, recovery should always be under YOUR control

The Power is YOURS

The Energized Tech