Just realized.  I have a problem.

A BIG Problem.

I love Powershell.  It’s affecting my marriage.   It’s affecting my work life. 

It’s just too damn smooth.

So how do YOU know if you’re in Love with Powershell and potentially cheating on your wife / Better half / Worse half / Other half / None of the Above

I found a checklist.   You need to compare against this list

  • You have Jeffrey Snover on SpeedDial
  • You wrote an Ode to Bruce Payette
  • You keep calling Marco Shaw to ask him what the Hex codes for “Powershell Blue” are
  • When you see Kirk Munro?  You gasp “It’s HIM!” and faint dead on the floor
  • You can quote every interview from Powerscripting.NET and can perfectly mimic Hal and Jon
  • Most people are listening to Green Day.  You’re listening to “Highway to Powershell”; the Bad version.
  • You have Ed Wilson and Craig Liebendorfer on Baseball cards with their Script Stats
  • You called Dr. Tobias Weltner to your house for a checkup, just cuz
  • When you hear “MOW” you say “Oh Mighty MOW, Bless us with thy Wisdom” and then scream out SEND-MESSAGE
  • You refuse to use RSAT and only use Quest AD and Active Directory Modules screaming “GUI! Inefficient! CRUSH IT!”
  • You look at your Twitter Following.  98% of them are Gurus from Powershell.
  • The #Powershell hashtag alerts you via email, SMS, Phone, Satellite, Smoke Signal and direct brain implant.
  • You refuse to use the Start Menu.  All apps are loaded with “INVOKE-ITEM”
  • You doggedly pursue trying to find a copy of Ragnar Harper singing on Stage at Heroes Happen {HERE} in Norway
  • You search the shoe store for only one brand, “Power Boots”
  • You spend all day arguing with the Microsoft Learning program about a Powershell Cert
  • Having “the Blues” makes you EXTREMELY happy.
  • and finally
  • If you hear your wife is pregnant, you try to schedule a “GET-CHILDITEM” to time up the birth.

Smile!  The Power of Shell is in YOU

the Energized Tech