Today started out really nice.   I had the day off.   The Wearther was beautiful and a really nice email came my way.

Microsoft just awarded me the “Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)” in Powershell.  I saw the email and halfway between crying and laughing out loud in Joy.  I have never felt so honoured in my entire life.

Right off the bat, I have to extend thanks to my many friends who were a HUGE part of this happening.  My very desire to help change and improve things came directly from their encouragement and you the community for cheering me on.

What is the MVP Award?  It’s Microsoft’s way of recognizing people who give of themselves in the Community, in their knowledge, in their time and sometimes in different ways.   I may even be oversimplifying the award.    But all the same, it is truly an honour to receive it.  I am VERY grateful.

Now if you’re like me, the first time you saw an MVP you might have thought “Wow, I don’t think I could ever do that…” then you’re wrong.   An MVP is inside each and everyone of us out there.   I am exactly like you.   I just learned to take some chances and make mistakes, learn and grow. 

That very power is inside of YOU as well. 

So go ahead, engage the community.  Be a little nicer to the guy next door.   Don’t be afraid to present and make some mistakes.  You have the ability and it’s there all along.   Don’t convince yourself otherwise.  I once did that and felt that way.

Until one day, barely three years ago I heard a little voice tap me on the shoulder.

“Hey you’re just like us!”

The Energized Tech
MVP Powershell