Here’s a quick one for you.  You’ve got a Hyper-V core box and for whatever reason the Hyper-V Management Service won’t start.  Yields a 10048 Error about a port in use.

Fire up the Task Manager on the host to see if either VMMS.EXE is still running (Stuck in a stopped state) or you MAY see Dr Watson or the WERFAULT running in the background.


If you are truly stuck, do an end task on these three processes.  It will not affect the Child Partitions as they are running off the Hyper-Visor.   But it should allow you to Start or Restart the VMMS (Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management Service) without having to reboot the entire Core box.

Handy to know if you’re stuck in a jam.  Rebooting Production machines in the middle of the day is never an ideal option.


The Energized Tech